Monday, September 21, 2009

I am happy to inform you that the road from the Sani Trading Centre Turnoff down to Fish Eagle Bay has been totally upgraded. The road has been professionally gravelled, shaped and compressed with proper drainage at regular intervals.

It has been so successful that speed humps have had to be placed around the Sani School to slow traffic down and it is now a pleasure to drive the road.

The "bridge" at Mbalame Village is being rebuilt with stones and cement, and will be able to withstand the rainy season when finished.

The best signal at Fish Eagle Bay is now TNM, with full signal virtually everywhere! It feels like a Christmas present!

Numbers that can be used to contact us at any time are:
(+265) 8888 53952 or (+265) 8845 15608.

At least one of the self catering chalets has been completely finished, and may now be rented. The other self catering chalet needs a fridge and stove but is also ready to be used.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I, Anchen Jooste together with my husband, Francois and our kids, Derek and Leah, purchased Fish Eagle Bay Lodge in September 2007 from Jean Paul Pinier and Brigitte Robert and their kids, Matthieu and Anne.

Since then, we have rethatched all the buildings and built new ones, and hope that we are creating a place of tranquility where people will come and enjoy and rejuvenate!

Please give us your feedback on what you experienced there and help us improve and create the place where you would like to return.

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